Unlocking the Potential: AI in Whiteboard Video Animation

Whiteboard Video Animation that whiteboard video animation services specialize in are explainer videos that businesses often utilize in their marketing campaigns. Besides, it is a style that is a bit old and simplistic yet very effective. Moreover, you can create whiteboard animations (videos) today with the aid of AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

We have also created this post to let you know how AI can help create whiteboard videos. Prior to diving into that, we want you to know what whiteboard animation is and why businesses create it.

Whiteboard Video Animation – Why?

Whiteboard animation is an artful approach to communicating information to the target audience. Primary, it employs a series of images on a whiteboard for communication. Furthermore, a narrator communicates the story based on images that the whiteboard videos display. At times, whiteboard videos have colors and annotations, which add some flair to them.

Moreover, businesses, in particular, use whiteboard video for the following purposes:

  • Communicate complex ideas or products.
  • Cost-effectively promote a product.
  • Discuss a multitude of ideas with the audience.
  • Make social media marketing campaigns interesting and successful.
  • Communicate a brand story.

Furthermore, businesses that hire the best whiteboard video animation services succeed in creating the best whiteboard videos.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Whiteboard Animation

Technology has advanced over time, and it is still advancing. Because of technological advancements, we also have many AI animation tools for creating animations, such as whiteboard videos. Not to mention, AI tools can help us create animated content, such as whiteboard videos ten times faster.

Put differently, you can quickly generate whiteboard animations via AI-based tools. Many AI tools are available in the market for this purpose. However, it is important you use the best AI tools to create whiteboard animation videos. Besides, using the best tools will allow you to get the best output.

Let us unlock the potential of AI in generating whiteboard video animation via the five best AI tools. Here they are:

  1. Renderforest

Renderforest is a video animation software with all-in-one features. You can use it to create videos, cartoons, and more. Not to mention, it comes with over 500 premade animation templates and scenes to create what you are after. Renderforest also has the highest rating on popular platforms, such as Trustpilot and others.

Moreover, you can easily and quickly create whiteboard animation using Renderforest. Moreover, creating whiteboard videos using Renderforest entails the following three simple steps:

  1. First, you select the template of your choice for animation.
  2. Next, you customize and edit the template as per your needs.
  3. Finally, you export your animated whiteboard video.  

Besides creating whiteboard animation, you may use Renderforest for creating the following:

  • Trendy explainers
  • Business presentations
  • Infographics and more
  1. Vyond

Vyond is another great AI tool that allows you to create whiteboard videos. Besides, you can create professional and branded videos via this tool. Moreover, Vyond has loads of templates to choose from to come up with whiteboard animations and business-friendly videos.

Moreover, Vyond offers two platforms for video or animated content creation. Namely, Vyond Go and Vyond Studio. The former allows you to create whiteboard videos in a click and the latter allows for editing.  

  1. Videoscribe

Videoscribe is another prominent AI tool you have for generating stunning whiteboard animations. It is also a versatile tool considering the fact you can create animations in different styles via it. For instance, you can use it to create animated marketing and educational videos.

Moreover, creating whiteboard animation with the AI tool, Videoscribe involves the following three simple steps:   

  1. First, you must come up with a storyboard to plan out each scene with your script.
  2. Next, you can launch Videoscribe on your computer once you have installed it. Then, add texts and illustrations to the scenes while using a whiteboard image background or choosing the board marker hand.
  3. Finally, you can hit publish and watch your final video once Videoscribe brings it to life.
  1. Doodly

Doodly is another AI tool to create whiteboard animation videos. Moreover, it offers tons of animation video templates plus royalty-free images. Mainly, users use this AI tool to create marketing and educational explainer videos.

Furthermore, you can easily create a whiteboard video via Doodly while sticking to the following steps:

  1. Think about your objectives to brainstorm ideas to create your video script accordingly. However, creating a script for whiteboard videos is optional as voice-over can make up for it for you.
  2. Come up with a storyboard.
  3. Create a voice-over for your video.
  4. Collect any additional graphics, such as your logo or sound effects if you need to. This step is optional, too, as Doodly has an extensive library of music and graphics.
  5. Finally, make your whiteboard videos while uploading your voiceover, custom graphics, and dragging-and-dropping characters to the scenes you select. 
  1. Raw Shorts

Another prominent AI tool to generate animated videos in whiteboard style is Raw Shorts. You can also create promo videos for your business with this tool. Moreover, it lets you create whiteboard animations with the aid of texts. Put differently, you only need to upload your video script to the platform and let Raw Shorts do the rest.

Moreover, here is how you can easily create whiteboard videos with the aid of Raw Shorts:

  1. Upload your video script on the platform.
  2. Then, Raw Shorts find relevant media assets to put on the timeline and generate voice narration.
  3. Finally, you review the instant draft or use a drag-and-drop editor to make necessary edits and finally publish the video.

What Role Does AI Play in Whiteboard Animation? 

Artificial Intelligence is already transforming the animation industry. Today, reputable whiteboard video animation services have started using AI tools to generate animated content or improve animation quality. Why?

AI tools help animation artists quickly produce whiteboard videos while letting them generate backgrounds, create character models, and more. Moreover, AI plays a crucial role in animated video production, such as whiteboard videos. Here are different ways AI aids in whiteboard video production: 

  1. AI tools allow animation artists to generate scripts based on the input provided.
  2. In addition, they aid artists in coming up with storyboards for whiteboard videos.
  3. Furthermore, AI tools allow users to easily generate a background for whiteboard videos.
  4. Moreover, AI tools let you create whiteboard videos if you provide them with texts.

Considering the above uses of AI for whiteboard video creation, you can realize how powerful AI technology is. Moreover, AI has more potential than what we have just mentioned above for whiteboard video animation creation. Not to mention, AI is still developing and improving; thus, we shall see more applications of AI over time.


The best whiteboard video animation services often create brilliant whiteboard videos for businesses for their marketing campaigns. Moreover, whiteboard animation is an artful approach to communicating information with the target audience. There are loads of AI tools today that allow you to effortlessly create whiteboard animations. Renderforest, Vyond, Videoscribe, Doodly, and Raw Shorts, to name the most popular among them. Furthermore, AI has a lot of potential when it comes to creating animations in a whiteboard style. For instance, it allows artists to generate animations based on text, whiteboard backgrounds, and more. Not to mention, AI technology is still developing; thus, we may see more uses of AI in animation with time.