How to generate traffic for your digital product?

One of the biggest challenges of every novice entrepreneur is to find out how to generate traffic for your digital product. Traffic is significant because it is he who will bring leads and future customers to your business.

If you want your company to grow and reach new levels, you need traffic. He is one of the best pillars to sell a lot, given that he is responsible for acquiring new customers. So, without a doubt, it is the best strategy your company can use.

Whether you are a producer or an affiliate, you need traffic regardless of what it is now.

Imagine that you have a website where you sell some product and need at least 100 people to sell it. To make ten sales, you need a thousand people a day. So, the account here is straightforward; these thousand people are the traffic you must generate for your site. 

What you will see:

Ways to generate traffic

How to generate traffic – Some examples of free traffic

How to generate traffic – Strategies

How to generate traffic – Remarketing

1. Social proof

2. Continuous content with your product

3. High frequency

4. Reaches customers with potential


Ways to generate traffic

The more traffic, the more sales. This traffic can be obtained in 2 ways:

The first is paying, investing in paid ads to receive traffic and bring people to your site. The second way is organic, which would be free traffic. 

Free or organic traffic is the best you can have in your business. Not only because you don’t have to pay to get it but also because people who arrive organically are people, in fact, interested in your solutions.

Unlike an ad, people are usually redirected unintentionally by clicking wrong or even because a playful text or phrase persuades them. Free traffic can bring more qualified people who are potential buyers to your business. 

But to generate free traffic, it is important to know that it is more challenging to achieve this because the process tends to take a little longer. Click Here

Organic traffic requires more consistency and work; you only need to invest money in yourself if you hire someone – but you’ll have to work a little more complicated. 

We can cite some examples of how to generate traffic:

  • Maintain a blog with quality content;
  • Work on the optimization of this content so that they are found in search engines;
  • Record videos and post them on YouTube;
  • Interact on social networks, especially on Instagram and Facebook, where a more significant number of people are concentrated;
  • Create various types of content and distribute it in various online media. 
  • As you can see for yourself, there are several ways to generate this free traffic, but as already said, it is more laborious and requires a little more time and effort for you to get a significant amount of people attracted to your digital product. 

On the other hand, paid traffic is faster, especially for those who are starting. 

If you know how to make a reasonable offer and know how to manage, you will have much faster results with paid traffic. You put money today; tomorrow, you can already have a result. 

Free traffic is better, but paid traffic can also be an excellent investment because you can segment and reach your audience well. You can target who you want to show an ad and bring those people you want to access your site. 

The three primary sources that we will list of paid traffic are: 

  • Facebook ADS;
  • NativeADS;
  • Google Adwords.

How to generate traffic – Strategies

First of all, you have to generate traffic to bring new people to your business or your affiliate offers. For this, it is recommended to use Facebook ADS or Native ADS. 

Have Facebook as a focus because you can segment very well the audience you want to have. Let’s say you want your site’s target audience to be men from 22 to 35 years old who like content like Tinder and Perfect Match. 

In advance, if you sell something like how to get a boyfriend or boyfriend, your audience is specific, so you will convert that audience by paying for it, to be really bringing those who are interested in your product. 

When you need to learn more about the audience you want to reach, create an open Facebook ADS ad that will tell you which audience is converting the most through that ad. This way, you will find out what your audience is. 

As for Native ADS networks, it is not yet possible to segment the audience so much, but they are much cheaper. 

If you make a well-made ad with a good image, you will only click on the ad with the slightest interest, so because they are cheaper, the click compensates more. 

How to generate traffic – Remarketing

Google Adwords is an excellent option for remarketing. Google is very complete and has several forms of ads. There are ads in the search, on YouTube, and on the display. 

If you access an application or website directed to one subject and then leave the site and go to another, you will start noticing banners about the subject you were looking for in other places. 

In short, this is remarketing. It’s as if the ad was chasing you to induce you to buy. Remarketing works so well for four reasons: 

1. Social proof

If the person enters your site and leaves, they will see your ads elsewhere. This will make them think, “Wow, this ad is essential.” 

2. Continuous content with your product

Some studies state that a person needs to see a product 7 to 14 times before buying. 

Remarketing does that for you. 

3. High frequency

According to some studies, the more you see something, the more you tend to like and become familiar with it. Remarketing helps in this too. This will induce the customer to think, “The content looks cool, I’ll click.” 

Of course, remarketing is an ad you need to pay to run your campaign, but it is a very targeted ad and a great option to generate traffic in your business because only those who will see your ad are those who have already accessed your site. So it ends up directing to a more specific public, someone who has been interested before. 

4. Reaches customers with potential

Given this, having a more segmented and specific audience will reach customers with the potential to buy. A tip is to “exclude” those already a customer; with “exclude,” you understand how to make different offers.

On these platforms, you can do this by targeting ads; this way, you will not be attracting repeated people who have already bought your product; after all, you want to reach new people. 

There are two means you have to generate traffic: paid traffic and free traffic. The important thing is for you to decide which one is best for you at that moment, and generating free traffic is a great option.

We can say this with total certainty because you will not pay; even so, people will come with great intentions to consume what you offer. Still, gaining a significant amount of traffic through free strategies takes a little longer. 

With paid traffic, you will need to invest money, but you reach a more significant number of sales because it absorbs a more segmented audience. 


The desire to be an entrepreneur is, without a doubt, the first step to making your business grow and gain more and more new customers. For this to become possible, the product needs to be recognized and reach new people who may become consumers in the future, and you will achieve this by generating traffic.

One of the pillars of this connection between producer and consumer is traffic. So whether you will use, free or organic, engage in this. Traffic is a great option to make more and more people get to know your product.